About Us

At BARKING DOG MEDIA U.S., we’re passionate about helping artists, gallery owners, writers, authors, actors, comedians, screen and stage actors, theaters, theater companies, dance troupes, circus performers, comedians, musicians/bands, orchestras, orchestral performers, and publishers to succeed. In today’s changing and challenging marketplace, it takes a combination of talent, drive, networking, and marketing to thrive.

That’s where we come in.

We provide kick-ass customer service, client relations, and incredible responsiveness to your needs.

We create stunning marketing campaigns that bring you more exposure, visibility,  accessibility,  and help you grow your efforts to get them in front of as much of the public as possible. Part of our services include graphic design, website creation and management, content creation, social media marketing and management, print design, and more. Our team is actively involved in the arts and know how best to make you and your event look great.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our business partners. We follow four key objectives:

  • Be a service-oriented company with a helpful, caring team experienced in client relations, events management, and customer service.
  • Create an experience that goes beyond traditional expectations.
  • Build marketing plans that support the success of our creative clients, successful events, and community-building with an emphasis on social media, content management, print and electronic media, community outreach and public relations.
  • Build strong relationships by communicating regularly, listening objectively, defining clear initiatives, and measuring progress.

What We Do

We create robust, multi-media marketing campaigns to drive traffic, sales, and revenue to your performances and events, as well as your individual endeavors. We specialize in the creative, performing, literary, recording, and film arts.

Some of our clients include:

Comedian Josh Blue, artist Elizabeth A. Woods, artist Tyrell Dowlat, North Dakota Centre for Writing, artist Mary Hansen Wolfe, author Marcus Lyons, Klein Buendel, Liberty Sport, Microsoft, Best Buy, CCRM, Time Warner Cable, Prettybird, CPB, Bacardi Legacy, Denver Legal Marketing, North Dakota Nonfiction Writers, North Dakota Freelance Association, Creative Minot, TheatrixUSA, Colorado Theater in Non-Traditional Spaces (C-TINTS), Salida Circus, Salida Sign Factory, Mama D’s and others.

Our mascot: Otis the DogOtis 8-24-2014 REVERSED