Why Hire a Freelance or Virtual Services Specialist?


1. Affordability
Sure, it’s nice to have a roster of full-time and part-time staff, and there’s a lot to be said for the feeling of “family” that can develop among a group of on-site co-workers. But for a lot of jobs, it’s far more efficient (and just as effective) to hire freelance talent. A freelancer who works out of his home doesn’t have a lot of overhead costs, so he can offer you less expensive rates. A freelancer who is local to your business won’t have to figure travel time, mailing expenditures, and other costs into his rate, so you might get the benefits of face-to-face interaction without the expense. You probably don’t want price to be the only factor in deciding which freelancer to hire, but if you ask the right questions, you may be able to get Madison-Avenue quality at small-town prices.

2. Flexibility
The reason a lot of freelancers decide to freelance is, frankly, because we want to set our own hours. That kind of flexibility can benefit the client as well as the freelancer. Your freelancer might be updating your website, posting a blog, answering your Facebook fans, and brainstorming a list of direct mail ideas after you’ve closed up shop for the night. In fact, you might be able to email your freelancer a list of assignments at the end of the business week, and find that they are completed and earning you money by Monday morning!

3. Immediacy
Related to flexibility is immediacy, the sense your freelancer has of wanting to get the job done fast and right. Freelancers are small business people too, and we know we are more likely to make a profit when we meet your deadlines, exceed your expectations, and move on to their next assignment. We don’t take time for water-cooler conversations, agenda-less meetings, or office politics. We just want to satisfy our clients.

4. Experience
Good freelancers have a lot of experience with a lot of different businesses and in varied and diverse industries. Each job we work on and each client we work with adds more knowledge to our craft, more skills to our already considerable arsenal. You get the benefit of all that experience on all your jobs too.

5. Independence
One of the hassles of hiring new staff is all the time you have to invest in training before they are really up to speed and able to make valuable contributions to your bottom line. Freelancers, on the other hand, are used to working on our own. Yes, you’ll need to define your expectations clearly, and give them access to the company information resources they’ll need, but you won’t have to sit with them and explain everything. You’ll be able to focus on your own projects while your freelancer completes the assignments you’ve given her.


There are numerous benefits to contracting out work to a virtual assistance specialist, but these are perhaps the most crucial reasons, and create the most value for the money.

Rethinking your approach to staffing:

  1. It takes forever to find the right person
  2. Employees cost more than their salary
  3. You have to find a place to put people
  4. You need to keep the people you have busy
  5. Availability isn’t the same as competency
  6. Employees don’t really work eight or ten hours a day
  7. Firing people is a hassle
  8. Your personnel budget is suffocating your margin for growth

Especially in smaller businesses, startups, and entrepreneurial endeavors, contracting a virtual services professional not only provides all the benefits listed in the freelance portion of this entry, but combines them with all the benefits of a virtual assistant. If time and money mean sometime crucial to your business, then you should leverage the assistance of someone like me.

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Marcus Lyons

Award-winning writer, educator, artist, and freelance professional.

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