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Our book manuscript coverage includes a brief synopsis, objective and constructive analysis to give you an idea of what’s working and what needs improvement, and three Reader Follow-Up Questions you can ask of me after you receive your analysis. Length of synopsis and length of critique will vary according to the length of your manuscript.

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I accept your book/manuscript in electronic format (PDF, Word, ePub, MOBI, etc.) or you may snail mail a printed book/manuscript. If you’d like the printed book back, please include a self-addressed envelope or packaging which includes pre-paid postage or Fedex/UPS/DHL account number.

Turnaround time: Depending on word count, you will have my response within 2-4 weeks or less.

Please note that 1 page = 250 words (industry standard)

Fiction: Mainstream, literary, horror, thriller, mystery/suspense, science fiction, and fantasy. Will consider YA.

Creative Nonfiction: Memoir, essays, poetry.

Other: Admission essays, graduate theses, term papers, and other academic works.


Fiction & Nonfiction

Short Story (single) – 7,500 words or less: $50

Novelette – 7,500-17,499 words: $50-$150

Novella – 17,500-49,999 words: $150-$225

Novel 1/Memoir – 50,000-79,999 words: $225-$275

Novel 2/Memoir – 80,000-124,999 words: $275-$300

Novel 3/Memoir – 125,000-175,000 words: $300-$400

Poetry (book) – any length: $125

Creative Personal Essay (single) or Magazine Article – any length: $35

Admission essays, graduate theses, term papers, and other academic works: $175-$225


Trilogy (same series) (any length): $400

3 Books (standalone)(any length): $500

Contact me for a free initial consultation.