Business + Legal Services

We have paralegals on our team who specialize in contracts and leases, family law, bankruptcy, and criminal law. We can provide your office with everything it needs, including:

  • Case Management
  • Calendaring (Court & Personal)
  • Bates Numbering
  • Client First Contact/Screening
  • Document Creation and Distribution
  • Email Management
  • Hiring/Interviews
  • Non-Profit Support

Additionally, we possess more than thirty years’ success supporting every level of team, from the CEO all the way to the office staff.  We specialize in administrative organization and reorganization, handling everything from getting preparations completed, logistics, and making sure the changes are handled in a professional, efficient, and effective manner.

You need business documents?  We’ve got you covered.  There are many times when you might need to travel, and you can’t very well take your assistant with you.  But you can contact us and get all interim matters completed. We build a relationship of trust so that you never have to worry.

Here is additional list of services:

  1. Paralegal Services
  2. Branding Documents
  3. Templates and Guides
  4. Standard Operating Procedures
  5. Manuals
  6. Certification Preparation
  7. Invoices
  8. File and Document Management
  9. Research
  10. Writing, Editing, Formatting Reports and Presentations
  11. Newsletter Creation, Editing, Maintenance, Scheduling and Publishing
  12. Press Releases
  13. Internal and External Reporting
  14. Contracts
  15. Leases
  16. License Tracking and Renewal
  17. Membership Renewals
  18. Transcription
  19. Data Entry
  20. Minutes Taking and Transcription

To receive a free services quote for your project, please Contact Us.