Marcus Lyons, is an award-winning writer and educator, former marketing guru withBW LEAN PHOTO 1 RESIZED FOR ZAZZLE both NIKE and REEBOK, with long-term clients across the U.S. and globally.

He was the youngest first-chair cellist in both the Pontiac Symphony Orchestra (MI) and the Jefferson County Symphony Orchestra (CO). In intervening years, he was a top club and underground DJ after trading in his cello for turntables. For many years, he also worked as a radio DJ at KGNU, Boulder, CO (public radio), KHEN, Salida CO (public radio), KBCO, Boulder, CO (major market station), and KTCL, Fort Collins, CO (major market and college-focused station). He wrote and produced RadioFree Colorado from 1999-2009.

“Someone once called me the Swiss Army Knife of creativity, and I loved that imagery…a tool for every need. It has stuck with me through the years.” 

He is former columnist for Ark Magazine (arts and culture), and currently writes for Rooster Magazine (arts, culture, and lifestyle), and The Minot Voice (news and current events).

He is active in arts communities across the nation and is sought after for not only his background and experience, but for the ways he has leveraged that history for the benefit of his clients.

He continues to work with national and international clients in marketing, public relations, online presence, SEO content, and much more. Please see the services menu and let me know how I can best serve you.