“I nominated Marcus for Ploughshares Literary Magazine‘s New Writers edition for his short story, Cold, based on the exceptional quality of his writing and ability to depict the complicated emotional landscapes on the darker side of human relationships. I foresee for him a very successful future as an author, leader and humanitarian.”

Catherine Ryan Hyde, Author of the bestselling novel Pay It Forward

 “Marcus is passionate about writing, teaching, and editing. He is true to his vision, always bringing frothy and full-bodied emotion into his work. He is one of those rare people who can access his inner world as if it were root beer on tap. That makes for an intimate connection between heart and writing. Throwing honesty onto the page is his specialty. Having collaborated with him over the course of many years, I know him to be a talented and generous friend (including being a great listener), a dog whisperer extraordinaire, and a man 100% devoted to his writing as an integral part of his life…”                              

Karen Albright Lin, Author, Mu-shu Mac & Cheese and Cooking With Leaves

“Marcus is a leader in creating safe environments for writers to flourish. His facilitation skills keep groups on task while still making it fun and creative. He knows about writing and how to inspire the best of each person. I highly recommend Marcus for writers looking for knowledgeable, honest and caring guidance to take them to the next level.”

Susan Scott, CEO, CORE Calling

“…we were quite impressed with Marcus’s adaptability, ability to grasp and implement complex functions quickly and efficiently, incredible work ethic, and always positive and optimistic attitude.”

Shane Jernigan, Purchasing Manager, UNFI

“Marcus’s advice comes from a place of experience won through hard work. He is able to empathize with the difficulties inherent to the craft while simultaneously offering practical, applicable solutions to the challenges which arise. His guidance yielded immediate, measurable results when I put it into practice, as if a floodgate had opened within the creative centers of my mind.”                        

Wade Daniels, Writer/Student

“I’ve benefitted in so many ways with Marcus’s helpful editing and suggestions and, equally important, his encouragement, his ability to point out what shines. For emerging writers, a self-esteem-building mentor is priceless.  Marcus’s own unique writing voice leaves me doubtless about his future success as a bestselling author. Marcus Lyons is well on his way to becoming a household name in the literary world.”  

Tricia Sutton, Writer

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Marcus for nearly 40 years. Marcus has been a friend, colleague, mentor and motivator at different points during our relationship. He has the qualities of a modern day renaissance man, having exceptional talents in multiple and diverse artistic and business disciplines. Marcus is someone I’ve trusted and lent my trust to and believe him to be a man of strong character and integrity. 

Marcus was always involved in creating and promoting music – from being the top DJ in Denver working at the trendiest clubs, to promoting some of the most innovative music related events ever seen in Denver. 

He pioneered promoting events that meshed music and visual media in a unique way to visually bring to life performances by national and local bands and artists. Marcus orchestrated events both large (big name bands in touring venues) and smaller (private parties for VIPs) all of which received rave reviews with artists lining up to work with him. 

Marcus has a knack for success and can take an idea and turn it into something beyond imagination. His work in music was ahead of its time. Whether it was creating a club mix as a leading DJ or creating unique musical events with renowned artists, Marcus had a futuristic vision of how music could become more of a total experience for the senses.”

Dean Rizzuto, Senior UX Strategist at The Integer Group

“Marcus has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support — and much humor! With his gentle, firm and sometimes downright blunt guidance, I have clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality. He has helped me navigate rough terrain, held me up when I am down and cheered me on when I am on a roll. He has kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself — without reservation!”                               

Trevor J. Tod, Graphic Design/Artist

“I have known Marcus Lyons in a professional and a personal capacity for eight years.  I can attest to his ability in two areas, the first is an instructional/workshop, and, the second is in writing skills, specifically resumes.

First, as an adjunct professor, at Front Range Community College for 10 years (2006-2016), I have designed and taught many classes, and hired guest lecturers. Marcus was hired for my Anthropology of Folklore class. My students needed to write their own fairytale, fable, or myth. Marcus presented how he structures his stories with an example, and his presentation on how they could construct their own was so valuable. He interacted personally with each of them during the presentation, and made himself available to look at their stories and critique and comment on them before they handed them in. We had several speakers in that class and the students felt he was the most engaging and helpful, and, my administration also felt he was a very positive addition to the classroom experience.

 Second, I may have a Ph.D. , and have written proposals, business plans, and articles, but I can’t write a resume to save my life! I struggle, and in 2016 I moved to online instruction and also started to look at career opportunities back in the business world. I was so frustrated at trying to construct my resume that I finally threw myself on Marcus’ mercy and begged him to re-write mine. The turn-around time was extremely fast, he met the deadline and I am absolutely delighted with the result. He managed to look at a 40 year work history and education and brilliantly show me in a positive light in a minimum number of pages and words.

I have stated, I have known Marcus a long time, and watched him as he increases his ability as a writer, we have talked many times about overcoming personal experiences and moving forward, he sets a good example for others in this regard. I value his friendship.”

Cherriethel (Cherry) Emerson, Ph.D.

I came to Barking Dog Media with a 4 page resume. After 15+ years of experience in the always evolving beverage industry. I have worked on top brands and had amazing success but wasn’t being interviewed by any of the roles I had applied for on various sites.

I knew my resume was not capturing the “bestow me” factor. I couldn’t image how to consolidate all that experience into two pages. But they did it! My resume is concise, contains all the relevant words needed for recruiters to pick up  on, and is now two professional pages that capture the very best of my career highlights.  BDM delivered on time, was readily available for any minor tweaks I requested, and wrote an amazing cover letter. They are the true definition of professional. I can not begin to tell you the increase in  views! My resume is now receiving the attention it deserves because I allowed Barking Dog Media to do what they do best-write!”
Sierra Elaina, Sales & Marketing Executive
“I have been working with BDM for three years. In that time, I have found them to be reliable, polite, professional and hard working. They always researches new topics thoroughly and go above and beyond what is expected.
“Without doubt, they are one of the most experienced agencies writing specialized content. They are capable of writing tutorials, list posts, theme reviews, plugin reviews, news, opinion pieces, editorials, legal articles, medical articles, and more.

“They also have a lot of experience in other internet marketing related topics too. For my own blog, they have written articles on SEO, online marketing, website development, design, blogging, and making money online.

“I highly recommend other website owners to get in touch with Barking Dog Media if they are looking for a professional writer to help them increase traffic to their website. You will not be disappointed.”

Maxwell Jurgensen, Entrepreneur